Dental Hygiene

Fluoride Treatments Protect Your Teeth

Do Fluoride Treatments Protect Your Teeth? In-office whitening treatments offer additional protection against dental decay and the acid-producing bacteria that collects around the gingivae and teeth in a sticky transparent bio-film called plaque, but for additional oral care, fluoride treatments protect your teeth.  If you don’t follow a regular practice of brushing twice a day …

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Importance of Teeth Sealants

How Sealants Protect the Teeth While sealants often are used on children’s teeth to protect against cavities, they are also useful on adult teeth to provide a barrier against decay. The following information demonstrates how sealants work to keep both children and adult teeth healthy and well-maintained. Because of the vulnerability of some teeth to …

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Tooth Sensitivity

If enjoying a spoonful of ice cream or sipping a cup of hot coffee incites a painful response from your teeth, you likely are suffering from tooth sensitivity. For those of us that experience tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods/drinks, it can be troubling and concerning. Although tooth sensitivity and pain is certainly …

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