March 2016

Braces for Adults

Having Your Teeth Straightened Before Restoration It can take a lot of courage to make the decision to have your teeth restored, especially if that decision has been long overdue. But hold your horses for a moment – you may need to have your teeth straightened before undergoing any major restorative dental work. Whether you …

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Dental Implants

Top of the line in restorative dentistry, dental implants offer extensive oral health benefits that other forms of tooth replacement cannot. With implants, a rod of metal is permanently fixed in the bone to serve as a new tooth root, and the porcelain teeth on top of the implants can easily be replaced when needed. …

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Getting a Cleaning

No matter what shape your teeth are in, Dr. Liggett’s first order of business after examining your teeth is to give them a cleaning. His team will use a specialized tool to remove the tartar, or hardened plaque, that has built up around your teeth and gums. This tool uses gentle vibrations and a cooling …

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Neglecting Your Mouthwash? Here’s 4 Reasons to Pick Up a Bottle Today

After brushing your teeth for at least one minute and flossing vigorously between every tooth, it can feel redundant to make mouthwash a regular part of your oral hygiene routine as well. Haven’t you fought that plague enough already? But using mouthwash every day does have some significant benefits to your oral health – although …

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