Electric Toothbrush or Traditional Toothbrush?

Electric Toothbrush or Traditional Toothbrush?

Should You Use an Electric Toothbrush or Keep Using Your Traditional One? Healthy teeth promote physical, emotional, and mental health. Human beings have been brushing their teeth since 3000 B.C. In those early years, man used crude brushes made of twigs and tree branches. Thankfully, the toothbrush has evolved through the millenniums with every new …

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Asthma Medications Effect Your Teeth

Asthma Medications Effect Your Teeth Asthma is an inflammatory disease that causes a person to have increased airway responsiveness to specific environmental triggers.  The person diagnosed with this disease experiences the following symptoms: dyspnea, chest tightness, coughing, and wheezing. The sickness usually starts in childhood, and in most cases the patient has to take inhaled …

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Denture Candidate

Signs You Should Call Us About Getting Dentures You may have to get dentures if you have been experiencing recurring mouth or gum pain, or your gums are swollen and bleeding. The following indicators reveal whether you are an ideal denture candidate. You Don’t Schedule Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings If you don’t visit the …

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Fluoride Treatment Importance

Why You Should Get Fluoride Treatments Fluoride strengthens the teeth and prevents cavities. To provide extra insurance for yourself, it pays to schedule fluoride treatments after your cleanings. The following information details the fluoride treatment importance and why fluoride treatments support the teeth and gums. If you don’t’ receive fluoride treatments, you will suffer more …

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Dental Implant Recovery

  Recovery Tips for After Dental Implant Placement Dental implants make it possible for people to replace missing teeth with fixed restorations. The titanium or zirconium posts fuse with the bone to anchor restorations. Typically, it takes about six months for to occur, or for the implants to become stable. Therefore, after implant surgery, you …

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