Maintain the Bright White of Fresh Tooth Whitening

When you recently had your teeth whitened, it is a great look. Your teeth shine and you want to show off your smile to the world – as you should. In order to keep that look, you need to make sure that you carefully consider what items to have as part of your diet afterwards. Many foods and drinks can lead to discolored, or fully stained teeth. If you want to keep that bright, white look for as long as possible, then make sure to eat these foods and drink these beverages sparingly. Foods to Limit in Your Diet for Whiter Teeth There are many food products you need to be careful of after newly whitened teeth. For example, pretty much anything tomato based should be strictly limited. Tomatoes are great at staining the teeth, plus the high acidic content can lead to increased instances of cavities. You should also avoid curries, as those spices tend to increase the chances of your teeth taking on a yellow or orange hue. Beverages You Should Limit to

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