How Straws Both Help and Hurt Your Dental Health

Drinking your beverages through a straw may help prevent certain oral health issues, but don’t fall for the assumption that they are the answer to consuming unhealthy drinks. Using a straw the right way can be great for your oral health, but incorrect use can cause even more damage than drinking without a straw. The Benefits of Using a Straw If you consume acidic drinks, using a straw may help decrease some of the damage caused to your anterior teeth. The liquid bypasses your front teeth, limiting the stains that soda, tea, and certain juices may cause.  Positioning the straw perfectly in your mouth may even help avoid damage to your posterior teeth. Positioning the straw so that the liquid doesn’t touch any teeth and goes right to your throat can help eliminate the risk of excessive sugar and acids eating away at your enamel. If you drink water with a straw, you not only hydrate your body, but protect your teeth at the same time. The concentrated flow of water over your teeth and

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