Dangers of Not Brushing Your Tongue

By the time most people have reached late childhood or early adolescence, they are pretty much aware of the importance of oral health, especially the practice of properly and regularly brushing their teeth. We have all been told by parents, teachers and our dentists how we only get one set of (adult) teeth and if we don’t take care of them properly we won’t grow any more. But what you may be surprised to learn is how many people aren’t aware of how important tongue cleaning is to our general dental care regimen. In today’s post we will look into what can happen when we fail to brush our tongue properly as part of our overall home care routine. Gum Disease & Plaque Buildup The first issue we would bring up is obviously the most important as it can cause the most damage when left untreated. When you don’t take the time to properly clean your tongue while brushing the rest of your mouth, you will leave bacteria and other germs which will then find

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Loose Dental Crown

Why Do Dental Crowns Come Loose and How to Avoid That? Dental Crown are great restorations, as they usually last a long time. However, they

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