Stress Can Impact Your Teeth

How Stress Can Impact the Health of Your Teeth Most people will be surprised to know that stress not only affects your emotional and physical health but stress can impact your teeth.  Stress has been associated with general dental health and is linked with side effects such as gum disease and tooth loss. Here are ways in which stress can impact your oral health: Gum Disease Gum disease is usually caused by the bacteria that live in plaque. Periodontal disease affects a person when many bacteria build-up and go untreated for a long time. This can be associated with stress. Our bodies attempt to eliminate the bacteria found around our gums, which causes the gums to become irritated and swell. Stress also makes it difficult for your body to fight infections. Gum disease can also lead to bad breath, bleeding gums, and loose teeth. Stress can also cause gum disease if it makes you smoke cigarettes, clench your jaw, or grind your teeth. If you have chronic gum disease, you may need to see a

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Dental Veneers

Are Dental Veneers Perfect for Improving the Look of Your Smile? The introduction of dental veneers into the market gave people more reasons to smile.

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