Snoring Affects Your Health

Snoring is a Symptom of a Bigger Problem   If you snore, you may be one of the people who suffers from a condition, known as sleep apnea.  Snoring affects your health. During the night, people who have sleep apnea, will often stop breathing for an extended period of time. When this happens, it sets up a life-threatening event. If you have sleep apnea then, you need to have the condition treated right away. You may need to get a device that will enable you to breathe during the night, or a night guard may be made that will open up the airways.   How Snoring Can Affect Your Dental Health   If you snore, it will also affect your dental health. If you leave your mouth open during the night, it dries out the mouth, which can lead to a condition known as xerostomia. This condition also goes by the less technical name of dry mouth. If you have dry mouth, it can greatly impact your dental health, as you are not producing enough

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Dental Veneers

Are Dental Veneers Perfect for Improving the Look of Your Smile? The introduction of dental veneers into the market gave people more reasons to smile.

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