Tooth Sensitivity

If enjoying a spoonful of ice cream or sipping a cup of hot coffee incites a painful response from your teeth, you likely are suffering from tooth sensitivity. For those of us that experience tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods/drinks, it can be troubling and concerning. Although tooth sensitivity and pain is certainly often due to tooth decay, there are a number of other factors that may be at work: Gum Recession If your gums are eroding, the roots of your teeth may be exposed. This area of your tooth is not protected by enamel and is much more sensitive to hot or cold. Recessive gums can lead to gum disease or tooth loss.  If gum recession is the cause of your tooth sensitivity, it should be addressed with your dentist to eliminate long term issues. Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Teeth grinding most commonly happens at night while sleeping and can have damaging effects on your health. One of these effects is the wear on the enamel of your teeth. This wear can expose

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