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Gum Disease

Gum Diseases and Treatment

Gum Diseases and Treatment

More often than not, many patients walking into a dental clinic are worried about their dentist finding a decayed tooth. While this is a significant issue, it will only result in loss of teeth and sometimes abscessed teeth. Many people never realize that there are more severe gum disease problems that need a dentist’s special attention and should be why you visit your dentist regularly. Gum diseases are some of the more serious dental challenges that are hardly talked about despite their seriousness. Understanding the different gum issues and diseases can help better manage the situation.

What is Gum Disease?

This refers to the inflammation and decaying of the gum tissue and the jaw bone. This situation is caused by tartar and plaque accumulation. Like tooth decay, gum disease is also triggered by poor dental hygiene. The same food particles and germs associated with the particles get deposited on the gum’s pockets or surface, making plaque accumulate and proceed to the gum line.

Usually, gum diseases will start as a case of gingivitis which is the mildest form of gum disease. This can be halted and stopped from progressing by resuming proper dental hygiene practices. Unfortunately, when gingivitis is left untreated, it becomes a periodontal disease which is a moderate to severe form of gum disease. Its impact can be damage to the gums and jawbone. In extreme or severe cases, gum disease can have similar impacts to tooth decay, where the teeth become loose and fall out.

Patients with periodontal disease need the intervention of skilled dentists. The dentist can tell when things are going off since they have the experience and skill to diagnose the problem. Visiting River Valley Smile Center for an assessment is the best move to make, especially if you intend to save your teeth from falling off.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Whether you are dealing with gingivitis or periodontal diseases, the signs and symptoms will be obvious. You may experience any of the following symptoms:

a) Bleeding gums

b) Sensitive gums

c) Sensitive teeth

d) Inflamed and reddened gums

e) Receding gums

f) Pain when chewing

If you experience any of these signs, your best move should be to get in touch with a trusted dental practitioner. The good news is that there is a treatment for both conditions. While gingivitis can be reversed at home with proper care, the periodontal disease requires expert intervention for deep cleaning. Don’t wait until things get out of hand.

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