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Cosmetic Dental Procedures You Need to Know

Top Cosmetic Dental Services and Why You Need Them

Top Cosmetic Dental Services and Why You Need Them

Dental care goes beyond the basic dental checks and treatments you need to maintain healthy oral hygiene. There is preventive care and cosmetic dentistry that caters to one’s looks. If you care about your appearance and have been worried about your smile, you should explore cosmetic dentistry. These come in different forms and are as diverse as they get. River Valley Smile Center is a leader in cosmetic dentistry, as the experts at the clinic will help you achieve your goal in no time. This is achieved through the different cosmetic procedures the expert dentists do at the clinic. Some of the popular procedures are as follows:

Satin Correction

This simply means getting your teeth to the desired color. Most people prefer whitening, which an expert dentist can do. It is the simplest and safest way to correct teeth staining and discoloration. However, if you want a stronger treatment, then you may need to explore the possibility of teeth bleaching. The best solution is to have your dentist handle it in the office instead of using over-the-counter solutions whose application or limit is unknown.

Careful stain treatment by experts ensures that you do not suffer any undesirable consequences due to your action. You could also go for dental veneers. These are customized shells added to the front of your teeth to achieve the perfect look. They are made of porcelain or resin and can transform your look immediately. They are quite pricier than regular teeth whitening, though.

Chipped Teeth

There are several ways to fix chipped or decaying teeth. Some of these are purely cosmetic options, especially if one wants to improve their look. One method is to consider dental bonding. This involves using a putty-like resin that is the color of your tooth. The bonding material is applied to your tooth using laser or ultraviolet technology. The dentist then trims the teeth to achieve the perfect size. Bonding fixes malocclusion (misaligned teeth), decayed, and cracked teeth perfectly.

You could also dental crowns for decayed and damaged teeth. This procedure replaces the damaged teeth from the gum and may help restore the shape, size, and appearance of y0our teeth. Dental Crowns are great for severely damaged teeth and extremely stained teeth that cannot be fixed in any other way

Misaligned Teeth

For misaligned teeth, one can also explore the possibility of using braces. Before choosing a cosmetic procedure, it is always good to visit your dentist for further consultation. River Valley Smile Center are your perfect partners for this.

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