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Why dental implants might not be a good idea

Why Dental Implants may not be a Good Idea

Why Dental Implants may not be a Good Idea

The work of your dental expert is to help you find a practical solution to your problems. This may mean advising you on remedies that make financial sense to you, even if there are other expensive alternatives. It is important that you feel comfortable accepting a dental procedure that you can pay for. Thankfully, most dental solutions have several alternatives, which means that there will always be something to fit everyone’s budget. Experts at River Valley Smiles will help you through this journey as they explain the different options for dental remedies available. The process begins with a professional assessment of the situation before any recommendations are made.

In most cases, the remedies suggested will be based on the problem being tackled. However, if dental implants come up as a priority solution, they will help you explore both pros and cons. Dental implants are perfect for most healthy people. However, a few downsides to the procedure must be considered before making any decisions. Below are some of the potential negatives that going for dental implants could bring.

Implants are Installed Surgically

If you are not open to surgical procedures, you may want to look for other non-invasive procedures. Dentists and their teams need to place the implants surgically. If the thought of surgery nauseates you or makes you feel very uncomfortable, then you can explore other alternatives.

You can decide to settle for dentures or even go for bridges as the second-best alternatives. While dental implant safety rates are quite high, we cannot dismiss the 5 to 15 percent risk of complications. If this is too scary for you, you can rest easy knowing that there are other alternatives to consider. However, dental implants still work as long as you deal with experienced and competent dentists.

Restoration Replacement may be Needed

It is true that dental implants may last a lifetime, but restorations need to be replaced. This can be a costly affair, especially if you have several implants in your mouth. Depending on the restoration you go for, the cost may vary. For instance, crowns will cost a lot more than bridges would. However, with proper care, this is not something you must constantly worry about. Even so, the initial investment will be expensive and one you should be prepared for.

If money is not a problem, then dental implants should be the way to go if you’re healthy enough. However, before choosing a dental implant or any other oral solution, work closely with a competent dentist to advise you adequately. River Valley Smiles offers you this opportunity. Get in touch with us for more details.

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