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How to Whiten Teeth at Home

How to Whiten Teeth at Home

How to Whiten Teeth at Home

The number of people walking into dental clinics every day to have their teeth whitened and brightened is surprisingly high. While it may be difficult to understand the obsession behind teeth whitening, it is understandable. However, you do not have to visit the dentists every time to clean or whiten your teeth. There are a few tricks that you can do from home and naturally improve your teeth’s color. Only visit the dentist when you have stubborn stains or want quicker results within a short period. After all, these tips will help you save money.

Oil Pulling

This is an age-old teeth whitening technique that works wonders. It involves putting a little coconut or sesame oil in your mouth and swashing it around the mouth. The oil pulls all bacteria and microorganisms that tend to stick on the teeth, causing them to yellow and form plaque. It would help if you did this every morning before having anything to eat. Most people use coconut because it has a pleasant smell. Besides that, coconut is also loaded with lauric acid, which kills bacteria and helps minimize inflammation. Daily pulling can help reduce plaque formation, counter bacteria infestation, and fight gingivitis head-on.

Using Baking Soda to Brush

You can include a little bit of baking soda in your toothbrush. Being a mild abrasive, it works wonders on the teeth without causing any significant damage. However, you should be patient and keep observing the changes that happen. This is not your quick overnight fix for white teeth. The changes are gradual, but they will surely come. Using high concentrations of baking soda helps to minimize the yellowing of teeth, making them appear whiter than they truly are.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleach that works perfectly in the mouth. It also kills bacteria and whitens your teeth. What’s more, most commercial products contain hydrogen peroxide in higher concentrations than you are likely to use at home. Consider cleaning your mouth with hydrogen peroxide a few times a week for the ultimate white teeth. Then, use it as a mouth wash for an even more effective outcome.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Your diet contributes immensely to your teeth and oral well-being overall health. Besides that, crunchy vegetables and fruits help rub off the plaque from your teeth. You can also mix a few strawberries and baking soda and use it to brush your teeth for whiter and cleaner teeth.

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