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Q&A About Dentures


Who is a candidate for dentures?

If you are missing all or most of your teeth, dentures or partials may be the ideal choice for you.  We are able to stabilize them using implants, so there is never any worry about them coming out while you are speaking or eating.  As an added bonus, implants also help to prevent bone loss.

I wear dentures. What can you tell me about improvements that can better secure my dentures so that they do not slip? Or so that they are more secure so I can chew the foods I enjoy?

Implants are a great option for many people, especially on the lower.  Most people who have dentures struggle with the lower denture.  Dental implants will help to keep the denture stable, giving you confidence while speaking and eating.

What does your practice provide that is unique and beneficial to someone who may need/has dentures?

At River Valley Smile Center, we highly skilled in the art of dentures.  I have attended hundreds of hours of continuing education to enable me to make the most natural looking, best fitting dentures possible.  The process and techniques that I use are very advanced and include precise measurements of your face and gums, photos, jaw movements, and much more to ensure that your denture is as close to natural teeth as possible.  Also, I insist on using high quality labs.  How the denture looks and fits depends heavily on the skills of the lab technician.  The labs that we use are all in the United States and the technicians are incredible dental artists.

Anything else you want to share about dentures as a solution?

At River Valley Smile Center, we never like to see teeth removed.  But sometimes, there is no other option.  Our goal is to make that transition as smooth and easy as possible.  Remember that not all clinicians have the same experience and skill set, so price shopping dentures can be a very dangerous thing to do.  With dentures, as with many things, you get what you pay for.  We take pride in our work, so you can be confident in your smile.

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