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Oral Health & Illnesses

Flu season is upon us, which means a higher rate of illnesses. According to the CDC, the last few months of the year are considered “flu season.” This could mean a variety of things for you this year – some years there are new strains of the flu that come around causing serious illnesses and sometimes even fatalities. One cannot predict exactly what is going to happen. In order to stay healthy, consider these three simple oral health tips to keep you healthy this year.

New Toothbrush

Start off the season with a new toothbrush. This will give you a clean slate to start with, so to speak. In addition, always make sure to switch out your old toothbrush if you have experienced any type of illness, whether the common cold or full-blown influenza. Some people tend to run their toothbrush through the dishwasher to eliminate the germs – this may get rid of some germs, but it is best to get a new one each time.

Stay Away from your Mouth

It is so easy to put your fingers, pens, and other objects in your mouth when you are fidgeting, especially if you have a nervous habit. This might help to soothe you, but it could be making you sick at the same time. Try to keep everything away from your mouth, reserving your mouth for talking, smiling, and eating alone. If you have to have a nervous habit, try to find another way to fidget that does not put thousands of germs in your mouth at any given time, increasing your risk of serious illness.

Get Dental Checkups

If it has been a while since you have seen us or you are due for your six month checkup during the winter months – keep it! That appointment could help you fight off other illnesses. If we notice that you have an infection or even tooth decay in your mouth, we can fix the situation right away. If you let infections or decay go, your immune system is affected, which means you are at higher risk for serious illnesses during a time that the flu runs so rampant.

This year, make it your goal to stay nice and healthy in the winter months. The care starts with your mouth, so do what you can to ensure that you are as healthy as possible. The stronger your immune system is, the easier it is to stay healthy this winter.

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