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Dental Implants: Are They for Everyone?

Dental Implants: Are They For Everyone?

Before going through any dental procedure, you must get the proper assessment and checks. Any dental clinic worth their salt will insist on consultation first and share the available options that can work as effective remedies for your issues. While some solutions appear to be easy and effective, they may not necessarily be suited for you at the time. River Valley Smile Center is one dental care partner you can count on when you begin your dental implant journey.

The experts at the center will help you know what works for your teeth. In addition, the team of experts there ensures that you understand exactly what you are picking and if it is worth it or not. Consequently, there are a few things you ought to know about whenever you think about dental implants as a solution to your problems. Keep reading for more details.

Candidates Suited for Dental Implants

Besides the numerous benefits of dental implants, including safety and convenience, it is important first to establish whether you are a candidate for implants or not. If you walk with a reliable partner such as River Valley Smile Center, you will discover that this procedure is suited for most healthy people. However, there is more to consider than just one’s health condition. Different aspects of oral health could determine the viability of the procedure. Some of the factors to look at include:

  1. Having healthy gums. You must have healthy enough gums with sufficient bones to hold the implant in place
  2. You must be in perfect oral health and hygiene
  3. Make sure you have no co-morbidities such as hypertension or diabetes
  4. It would be best if you were not a heavy smoker

A few years ago, people with diabetes could not get dental implants because of the surgery. However, with more research findings, diabetic patients can go through the surgery as long as their blood sugar level is correct since there are specific levels to consider.

Getting the Implant

Once you are sure that you qualify for the implants, your next step is to understand how the procedure is done. A good dentist will explain this in detail. Expect the following, although the treatment is often tailored to the patient’s needs:

  • A root (mostly titanium) is prepared and then put in your tooth socket
  • The abutment, the connecting root, is then attached to the root. This will serve as the anchor of the new tooth to the root.
  • Fixing the artificial tooth that closely resembles your natural teeth follows

In all this, make sure to walk with your dental care expert. River Valley Smile Center is a great choice if you wonder where to start this journey.

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