Chipped Tooth Solutions

Ever chipped your tooth? Below is our advice on what you should do if that ever happens:

There are many ways to repair a chipped tooth.  Each situation is different and depends on a number of factors including where the tooth is in your mouth, how big the chip is, the overall health of the tooth, and concerns with your bite, just to name a few.  It is very important to determine what caused the tooth to break in order to have a good long term prognosis of the restoration.

The typical options that are given to repair a chip are as follows:

1. Tooth colored/Composite filling:  This type of restoration can be done for small chips in the front or back. With current technology, we are able to get a close to perfect match of your tooth shade.  Sometimes, the shade of your tooth is too difficult to match, the chip is too big, or your bite prevents this type of filling.  When those situations arise, it may be not be advise to use composite.

2.  Crown or Veneer:  The main difference between a crown and a veneer is the amount of tooth structure that is removed.  A veneer covers the front part of the tooth and a crown covers the entire tooth circumferentially. Veneers are much more conservative. They are both made out of porcelain and can be made to perfectly match the adjacent teeth.  These options are often stronger than a composite fillings, and can better withstand strong biting forces.


Chips can often be repaired without the use of anesthesia, since they are often in the enamel part of your tooth.  The enamel is similar to your fingernails in the fact that it does not contain nerves and can be added to or adjusted without pain.

If the chip is very deep or the majority of the tooth has been lost, it is possible that the tooth will then require a root canal or to be extracted.

Regardless of the situation, at River Valley Smile Center, we will take time to carefully diagnose your individual situation.  Then we will give you our opinion of your recommended treatment, plan based on your personal risk factors, so you can be confident and happy with your smile!

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