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Botox Post-Operative Instructions



Botox in Fort Smith


Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Post-operative Instructions

Congratulations on receiving one of the most fascinating cosmetic procedures today. Your recovery period should be simple, carefree, and easy. You will begin noticing an effect in 2-3 days and maximal effect occurs at around 2 weeks. The results will last 2-6 months, but can be variable. The effect can also be titrated up or down depending on the result you have.

How you will feel
Recovery should be painless. Extra-strength Tylenol should control any local discomfort. Please avoid any aspirin products for 2 weeks before and a few days after the procedure.

What to do after the procedure 
Do not rub the area of injection, especially over the eyes. This may diffuse the toxin to adjacent muscles and create an undesired effect. This is sometimes how certain eye muscles can be paralyzed and double vision occurs. Sleep with your head elevated for a couple of days. You may apply ice over the area during the first day, but do not press the ice down or rub it in as this may diffuse the Botox.

You may resume all normal activity.

Diet instructions
Resume your normal diet.

You will not need any prescriptions afterwards.

If problems do occur
Do not be alarmed. Most problems can be handled easily. Call the office at once and come in to be seen. If there is any bruising, you may apply ice as instructed above. The bruising will resolve in a few days. Makeup can be applied over this.
Unwanted muscle weaknesses are uncommon. If any should occur that lead to eyebrow droop, mouth droop, double vision, asymmetric facial expression, or others, do not be alarmed. Call the office to be seen. Remember, Botox effects are temporary and so are the unwanted effects if they occur. In fact, the unwanted effects usually resolve quickly, long before the desired effects do.


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