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Dental alternatives

Alternatives to Dental Implants

Alternatives to Dental Implants

Many people are not aware of the numerous alternatives they could go for besides the popularized dental implants. While dental implants can potentially solve some of the most common dental problems permanently, they are not the only solutions. It is important to request your dental care expert explain the different options available to a dental patient. You need to ask questions and know if there are other ways to resolve a problem you could be suffering from. Engage your dentists or dental consultant by asking questions and seeking clarifications.

A good dental expert and oral caregiver will be open to answering all questions and exploring all available options rather than dismissing them. This is exactly what you get when you walk into River Valley Smile Center It would be best if you felt that the dental clinic cares about your needs and is willing to give you the best option for you. So what are the alternatives to dental implants one could explore?

 Dental Bridges

Most people know that dental implants are important for restoring one’s smile. However, this procedure is not for everyone. You need to consult your dentist and have an assessment done. Some patients choose not to proceed with implants even when they are qualified. Whether you choose not to have dental implants or cannot have them for medical reasons, dental bridges are a great alternative. They come in handy when fixing missing teeth. These prosthetics are best suited for adolescents whose bones are still developing. What’s more, they come in different types, namely:

  1. The resin-bonded bridge. This is best described as fake teeth with wings on either side. Resin is used to fix the teeth in place, and no grounding is needed like in traditional bridges.
  2. Traditional bridge. This bridge uses your real teeth to support the fake ones. In addition, your existing teeth are capped, thus making the bridge more sturdy compared to resin-bound bridges.
  3. Cantilever bridge. This type of bridge uses the same technique of capping as traditional bridges. However, the support is one-sided as the fake teeth are supported by the real teeth but on one side.

You can explore these alternatives if dental implants are not something you want to do. However, if you can, go for dental implants as they seem to have better results. It is not surprising that many dental practitioners will recommend dental implants as they offer a more permanent solution to most oral issues. If you are still confused about what to choose, consider visiting Rover Valley Smile Center for the right kind of support.

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