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Your Oral Health this Summer

Summer vacation is on the horizon. For many people, the summer season includes swimming, picnics, and long days out on a boat, but it should never involve neglecting your oral health. There are many reasons that you may neglect your teeth and gums during summer vacation, and by identifying them, you can work harder to make your oral health a priority this summer.

Forgetting to Brush Your Teeth

For many people, especially children and young adults, summer vacation leads to a change in schedule. Throughout the rest of the year, it may be easy to remember to brush and floss since you follow the same morning and evening routines to prepare for school or work. During the summer, sleeping in late may disrupt this routine, but it is important that you don’t forget to brush and floss.

Aside from simply forgetting to brush your teeth, you may find yourself in situations this summer where it is simply more difficult to brush. Perhaps you are flying the beach and forget to pack your toothbrush, or maybe you are on a camping trip and don’t have access to your normal oral hygiene tools. In these situations, you need to make what you do have work. Brushing with water is a good alternative, or brushing with toothpaste using your finger can also supplement until you have access to a toothbrush again.

Skipping Your Dental Appointments

You probably have a lot of fun plans on your calendar this summer. Family reunions, summer vacations, and backyard barbecues are a great way to spend the warm summer days, but they should never be a reason to skip your dental cleanings or appointments. If your six-month appointment falls during the summer, make attendance a priority. Failure to go to your appointment will allow plaque and tartar deposits to accumulate, eventually leading to decay.


Dehydration can be a real danger throughout the summer season in a number of ways. In terms of your overall health, failure to stay hydrated when it is hot and sunny could lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. Sipping on water throughout the day, especially when outdoors, can prevent these dangerous conditions.

Dehydration is also a problem when it comes to your oral health, as it can lead to dry mouth. When your mouth is dried out due to dehydration, you won’t have enough saliva to adequately protect your teeth and gums. The saliva plays an important role in rinsing bacteria and acids off of the teeth before they can cause decay and other problems. Fortunately, drinking water (not soda or energy drinks) regularly throughout the day can keep your mouth well lubricated.

Failure to Protect Your Teeth While Playing Sports

If your summer vacation involves biking, playing football, or partaking in any other contact sport, you need to protect your teeth. A custom-fitted mouth guard is the best option to protect your teeth, as a blow to the face without this device could lead to cracks, chips, and broken teeth. Besides the aesthetic issues, if the tooth is damaged in the nerve, you may need a root canal in order to save it. Taking the extra effort to get fitted for a mouth guard in our office will prevent this problem before it arises.

At River Valley Smile Center, our mission is to help your family maintain optimal oral health for years to come. Good dental care is an investment for a lifetime of healthy teeth. To make your next appointment, please call us at 479-646-0706 or fill out our convenient appointment request form. A team member will contact you as soon as possible.

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