What Should Parents Know About Permanent Teeth

What Should Parents Know About Permanent Teeth

We all know a little bit about the teething of children. Facts such as babies are born with no teeth and that the temporary teeth fall out somewhere around the age of five or six are common. However, more important for parents is to understand how permanent teeth originate and what things may lead to problems for their child in the longer run. This blog is all about what parents need to know in order to ensure the safe and healthy oral development of their children. 

When do Baby Teeth Emerge?

Baby teeth that emerge around the age of eight to nine months begin to fall out once your child is five or six years old. Keep in mind that this age is only a rough idea of when you should expect your baby’s teeth to fall out. However, do not be worried if no teeth fall out until the age of eight. Every child is different, and therefore, the individual genetic differences may affect how and when the temporary teeth of your child will fall out and when the emergence of permanent teeth will occur. The most common pattern of children’s teeth falling out is that the lower middle teeth come out first, followed by the upper middle teeth. Soon after, the lateral teeth and the temporary molars will also come out. 

Provide Support During This Time

Although the phenomenon of teeth falling out is common for us adults, it may not be an easy thing for your child to digest. Many children may consider the teeth falling out as disastrous for them, so it is very important to give them guidance at this point. You must assure them that the teeth falling out is only natural, and they could do nothing to prevent it (many children perceive their teeth falling as a result of God punishing them for their childhood tantrums). Tell your child that as soon as they lose their first tooth, they are on their way to becoming bigger and healthier human beings, as their permanent teeth will erupt. 

How do Permanent Teeth Emerge?

Ever wonder why the temporary teeth fall out? No, it is not because your child had a lot of chocolates or ate hard and rocky candies. It is because the permanent teeth are about ready to erupt and push them from under, leading to temporary teeth falling out. 

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