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The Healthiest Snacks for Optimal Oral Health

Tray of Vegetables

Most people who are trying to focus on getting, and maintaining, perfect oral health avoid snacks. This can actually be harmful in some ways. If you are neglecting what your body needs, or going without food when you should be eating, it could cause damage to your entire body, including your oral health. Instead, what you should do is find snacks that are good for your whole body, including your mouth. To save you a bit of time, we have compiled a list of snacks that are good for your smile, and your waistline.

Great Snacks for a Healthy Mouth

While you may not walk around eating these at the office, having a snack that includes leafy green vegetables is great for your mouth. They require a lot to chew, which means your mouth is producing a lot of saliva to get the foods broken down in your mouth. This cleans your teeth, neutralizes acids, and adds more minerals into your mouth to keep your enamel strong.

Dairy is another great snack, and is one you can eat anywhere. You should be eating yogurt and cheese anyway, but if you are not getting a lot of these dairy treats, start eating more. Cheese puts a protective coating over your teeth so that your teeth are less vulnerable to decay. Yogurt puts both protein and calcium right on your teeth, helping to keep them strong. Both are great for a healthy mouth!

Carrots and celery are often staples we eat as kids, but when we grow up, they are not consumed as often. If you haven’t had either of these since you were younger, it is time to go out and buy some to have in the house. These are great snacks for on the go, and they are amazing at helping to keep your teeth healthy. They both require a lot to chew, which helps with saliva production, but they also both add extra water and nutrients right into your mouth. This helps with each bite you take!

For more ideas on healthy snacks that your mouth would love to be enjoying, give us a call at River Valley Smile Center. We can schedule an appointment and get your mouth the extra attention it needs to get totally healthy. Plus, we can offer up a few more ideas on what snacks your mouth truly craves!

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