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Root Canal Versus Extraction


Every patient will have a different answer when it comes to deciding whether a root canal or extraction is the perfect choice, but in general, the idea is to keep the tooth intact whenever possible. This means avoiding extraction at all costs. There used to be an old myth roaming around that root canals could spread infection throughout your body and that they should be avoided, but this was a myth and is the exact opposite of how things should be handled. If a root canal is possible, it should be the chosen option.

Your Natural Tooth is Best

If tooth extraction is chosen, you have to find a replacement for that tooth. Leaving a tooth without replacement can cause difficulties with eating, talking, and smiling along with your future oral health as your teeth will shift to take over that empty area eventually. Every tooth in your mouth has a function that is necessary for a healthy future. Even certain tooth replacements, can cause difficulty with your ability to eat, forcing you to modify your eating habits and even omit some of your favorite foods.

The Root Canal Option

A root canal allows you to keep your tooth’s natural roots, which is the foundation that is necessary to keep the structure of your mouth intact. After the root canal is completed and the area is cleaned, a dental crown can be placed over the remaining enamel, strengthening the area, while giving you full function of your mouth.

The Benefits of Keeping your Tooth

If you opt for the root canal to remove any decay or dead material from beneath the gum line, you are able to keep your natural tooth. What does this mean for your mouth? It means that you will be able to retain your natural smile and not suffer any changes in the structure of your mouth. Missing teeth means that you could begin to suffer bone loss as the jawbone is no longer getting the stimulation it needs in order to continue to grow. When this occurs, you lose the structure that your mouth once had, giving a sagging appearance.

If you have the option to choose between a root canal and tooth extraction, opting for the root canal is typically the best choice. Removing the infection and strengthening the tooth with a dental crown can give you the stability needed for a strong, healthy oral health future.

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