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How is Keto Diet and Your Oral Health Related

How is Keto Diet and Your Oral Health Related

Keto Diet has been the big elephant in the room for quite some time now. Many people are adopting this trendy diet routine and report seeing benefits from it. While some use it to lose weight, others adopt it to merely become a part of the famous trend going on everywhere. Since the keto diet has a lot to do with changes in what we eat, it also must have a lot to do with our oral health. We must figure out what goes on in our oral cavities when we eat things that were not a part of our diet before and how they impact our teeth, either positively or negatively. 

Keto and Sugar

Since the keto diet involves little to no sugar, it is a big plus for oral health. The Keto diet is essentially based on maintaining a greater quantity of fats and meanwhile controlling the number of carbohydrates in our diet. This explains why people on the keto diet want to avoid sugar in tea and desserts; they are cutting down on the carbohydrates in their diet. Less sugar means lesser bacteria on the teeth’ surface, which means fewer chances of cavity and plaque. 

Keto Diet and Keto Breath

 While cutting down on carbohydrates is a big benefit that comes in the package of the keto diet, there is also a downside to this trendy choice; keto breath. Keto breath is defined as having a fruity smell in your mouth. If you have a greater concentration of bacteria in your mouth (if you have not brushed your teeth twice a day, for instance), it may lead to an even more unpleasant smell. This is a prominent side effect of the keto diet, especially in the initial phase of the diet, because your body is not yet using all the available ketones that your liver produces.  However, once you become accustomed to the diet, you will notice that the unpleasant smell has subsided significantly. Moreover, make sure to use mouth wash and brush your teeth regularly if you do not want to embarrass yourself in public. 

Make sure that you maintain a good intake of water so that your body has enough fluids so as to keep up with the new diet. 

Are you facing keto breath issues? Or want to know more about the keto diet and oral health? Contact River Valley Smile Center today. 

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