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Holiday Health and Your Kids

The holidays are typically a time of increased sweets consumption, especially for children. How can you help your children make wise choices during this time of year to help protect their teeth and keep a healthy smile all year round?

Below are some fun resources from the American Dental Association that can make caring for your teeth a fun experience for your children and can serve as a reminder that oral health is important during every season.

The American Dental Association puts out great resources for kids to help them make wise choices regarding their dental health. In partnership with Hermey the Elf from the TV special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, the ADA has “joined forces to come up with ways to keep your mouth healthy during the holidays”:

Hermey’s Healthy Teeth Checklist

In this “healthy teeth checklist,” Hermey the elf shares several ways kids can care for their teeth during the holidays. Print it out for your child today! Perhaps hang it in their bathroom or color the sheet with them while you discuss the ideas listed on the page.

Teeth Trivia Quiz with Hermey the Elf

In this brief 5-question quiz, children learn the importance of brushing, eating healthy snacks, and protecting your teeth during activity. It’s a fun way to reinforce healthy habits during the holidays!

Hermey and Rudolph’s Bright Smile Brushing Book

This printable .pdf booklet can be colored and assembled for tracking healthy brushing and flossing habits daily. Keep it in your child’s bathroom and help them track progress! It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Let this holiday season be the time this habit is established for your child! Here’s a one page version as well:

Holiday Workshop

In addition to some of the above resources, this holiday workshop page includes Hermey’s holiday cards, Hermey coloring sheets, holiday snowflake worksheets, and holiday ornament printables. Check out this page with your children for fun and learning!

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