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Foods for Dental Implant Recovery

After having dental implants placed, they are going to take a bit of time to heal. During your recovery, you are going to be kept on a strict diet that doesn’t include hard foods, as chewing on those foods could displace your implants, and cause improper healing. Here are some of the best foods to make sure you have on hand. That way, once you begin your recovery, you have some safe foods around to eat.

Great Foods for Dental Implant Recovery

Soft foods are important to have on hand. Things like yogurt, pasta, and soft cereals are great ways of filling your body without hurting your mouth. Yogurt is great for your health, and also helps your mouth heal. The cool temperature can also help if you have struggled with swelling issues. Pasta can be plain or buttered, or it can be things like macaroni and cheese. Just avoid anything spicy or using vinegar on your pasta, as that could irritate the surgical sites.

It is good for you to eat foods like oatmeal or cream of wheat anyway. So, having them on hand during recovery is a great way of being able to keep yourself healthy and full. You can also add flavor to it by adding in soft fruits or things like applesauce. This gives you the opportunity to fill up with healthy foods.

Cottage cheese is a great option as it is full of nutrients and calcium, but soft enough to not hurt your new implants. You can also add fruits to it if you want more flavor. Scrambled eggs are a good idea for meals, as they are packed with protein and can help speed up your healing. You can also eat meats that are soft and fully cooked. Just make sure the pieces of meat are finely chopped so you do not need to chew them up much.

Getting dental implants is a great way to help restore function to your mouth where it was missing. They can help you feel like you never lost any of your teeth because of how much they feel and function like your original teeth did. Contact the office here at River Valley Smiles if you want to learn more about dental implants, or if you need ideas on what other foods you can have on hand. We will help you get ready for the big day, and for the recovery time that follows.

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