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Dangers of Not Brushing Your Tongue


By the time most people have reached late childhood or early adolescence, they are pretty much aware of the importance of oral health, especially the practice of properly and regularly brushing their teeth. We have all been told by parents, teachers and our dentists how we only get one set of (adult) teeth and if we don’t take care of them properly we won’t grow any more.

But what you may be surprised to learn is how many people aren’t aware of how important tongue cleaning is to our general dental care regimen. In today’s post we will look into what can happen when we fail to brush our tongue properly as part of our overall home care routine.

Gum Disease & Plaque Buildup

The first issue we would bring up is obviously the most important as it can cause the most damage when left untreated. When you don’t take the time to properly clean your tongue while brushing the rest of your mouth, you will leave bacteria and other germs which will then find their way onto your teeth and gums. Since teeth are vulnerable after brushing they are more susceptible to the issues that result from this including gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Bad Breath

Another problem that can arise from an uncleaned tongue is bad breath and even chronic halitosis if the issue is ongoing. Failure to brush your tongue day after day can lead to a thick buildup of biofilm which then becomes a Petri dish for bacteria and other foul-smelling biomatter. Not only does this cause problems with our oral health, but also our personal and professional interactions as well.

Dull Taste Buds

In some cases, continual neglect of the tongue when brushing can even lead to the loss of taste sensation. Our taste buds are tiny little bumps all over our tongue which are activated when in contact with flavorful food and drinks. When we allow our tongues to develop a thick, white film over them due to a lack of attention when cleaning and brushing, it can ultimately get to the point where we have a harder time tasting the things we eat and drink.

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