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Dangers of Ignoring Oral Health Long Term

Ignoring Oral Health

Dangers of Ignoring Oral Health Long Term

You should always take care of your teeth and never bypass taking care of them when you experience dental pain or sensitivity. Otherwise, you can end up having a multitude of dental complaints. Therefore, make sure you always schedule regular dental cleanings and exams. By having in-office exams every 6 months, you can address and repair a small dental problem that could become a major issue in the future.


Don’t Wait Before You Need a Root Canal

One of the easiest ways you can avoid further dental work is to take care of a cavity while it is still small. Some patients bypass having a cavity filled, as they believe, if the cavity is small, it’s really no big deal. However, with time, the cavity will get larger and larger. When this happens, you open your tooth up to the spread of decay and an infection. By the time a cavity deepens, you may be facing an abscess – a pus-filled sac that causes severe dental pain and complications. If the abscess is not treated, sepsis can set in and even lead to death.

If you want to ensure your overall health, then, you need to prioritize your oral health needs. You can do this easily by brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing at least once a day. See the dentist every 6 months to make sure that any type of infection or decay is addressed right away.

Reviewing Your Dental Goals

What are your dental goals? Besides scheduling regular dental check-ups, think about what you need from a cosmetic standpoint as well. For example, you might want to fix gaps in your smile with a resin bonding or may want to improve the way your crooked teeth look by opting for Invisalign. By taking a special interest in your oral care routine and the way your teeth appear, you will also enhance the quality of your life. Give some thought to how you want to take care of your teeth generally and cosmetically. By taking proactive steps, you will feel better personally about your overall well-being. Always make sure you keep your dental office’s number on speed dial.


You will notice that having regular preventive dental check-ups can help immensely in improving your dental health and prognoses. Our helpful and experienced dental team is always willing to answer any dental concerns about any aspect of your dental care. To schedule an appointment for a professional  exam, and x-rays, contact River Valley Smile Center at 479-646-0706 or visit us on Facebook.

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