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Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes no matter how well we care for our teeth there are things about them we just don’t like.  You might think your teeth are too small. You might think your teeth aren’t aligned correctly. You might think your teeth aren’t white enough. And when you have this impression of your teeth, it’s very difficult to show a winning smile to the world. You’re in luck! This is a great time in cosmetic dentistry to go for it and get the smile you desire.

Probably the easiest change you can make in your smile is whitening. There are a multitude of teeth whitening products on the market. Some of these work well and others not so much. Over the counter whiteners can also cause tooth sensitivity. Probably the best way to whiten your teeth is to come into our dental practice and look at the options we have. The products used by our professional team is safe and effective. The whitening procedure is monitored too, so no surprises, just beautiful white teeth.

Having smallish teeth is another cosmetic complaint. Some people never had permanent teeth replace their baby teeth.  Veneers can be applied over your existing teeth. Your existing teeth are filed and veneers are fitted and attached to them. Missing teeth?  Implants can make your smile whole and natural looking. No more empty spaces. The result is a smile full of teeth that are proportioned to your mouth.

Aligning your teeth is probably the most time consuming, not the most costly. Yes, it does require braces of some sort. These days you don’t have to wear those large silver braces on the front of your teeth. If you opt for braces on the front of your teeth,  you can have clear braces! You might also want to use lingual braces that attach to the back of the teeth are virtually invisible. No one needs to know.  Wearing braces can be a long commitment; sometimes 3 years or so. The result, however, will be a beautifully aligned smile. Another benefit might be less mouth pain from having your jaw correctly aligned as well.

Yes, it’s a wonderful time to fix your smile if you are unhappy with it. Having a beautiful smile will give you the confidence you might be lacking now. And with all that confidence, the sky’s the limit!

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