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Best Summertime Drinks for a Healthy Mouth

With summer fast approaching, many people are turning to chilled beverages to cool off and hydrate in the hot sun, and knowing what choices to make to maintain a healthy mouth will keep you happy and energized during the heat waves. Here are a few drinks that we recommend to reach to stay cool, hydrated, and energized during these summer months.

Plain Iced Tea

When it comes to a beverage that you can count on and feel good about, iced tea is a choice that will keep you naturally energized without the sugar. You can either make your own, or buy it by the bottle or jug. However, you choose to obtain this beverage, ensure that the only ingredients present are tea and water.

Both green and black tea are popular varieties that keep your mouth hydrated while energizing your body with safe levels of caffeine, vitamins, and minerals with no sugar or calories to worry about.

Infused Water

Filling up a glass with ice, lemon slices and filling it with water is an excellent alternative to sugary lemonade. Lemon water provides your body with vitamin C which in turn makes your gums healthier and stronger. Making the switch to lemon water over lemonade will leave your mouth and body in a better spot.

You don’t have to stop at lemons to provide flavor to your water. Cucumbers are also a popular addition to water. You can also use berries, oranges, mangos, and watermelon. Get creative and discover your favorite combination of flavors that will leave you with one of the most refreshing beverages for the summer.


Milk, no matter if it is animal based or plant based, is a great choice for maintaining strong teeth. Cow milk is naturally full of calcium and protein, and if you opt for a lower-fat variety, the calories don’t sneak up on you too quickly. Plant based milk is also an excellent choice. Unsweetened almond milk is low in calories and is oftentimes fortified with calcium (check the labels if you are unsure). And if you like chocolate, you can find unsweetened chocolate milk to satisfy your chocolate cravings without the sugar.

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