Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal, also known as endodontic therapy, has proved itself as an efficient and effective method for people suffering from tooth decay, severe pain in the tooth, and sensitivity. 

The process involves removing the infected pulp present under dentine (a layer underneath the enamel of the tooth) in the tooth and filling it with a rubber-like elastic material to keep the tooth intact. It is further enhanced with the help of a crown, also known as capping, which is usually not part of the root canal itself but considered significant to help the treated tooth last a lifetime. 

Why get a root canal? There are many benefits, but these are the most important:

Prevents Tooth Extraction

There was no other option for a decayed tooth in the olden days. It was either bear the intolerable pain or to get the tooth eradicated. However, with today’s advanced technology, you can now enjoy all the food you want using your natural tooth treated with the root canal procedure. 

There is no comparison between a decayed natural tooth and a new artificial tooth. Essentially, natural teeth can last a lifetime, even when we don’t treat them particularly well.

On the contrary, artificial teeth have a life span of approximately ten years. So, it is always best to preserve your natural teeth by being more careful in dietary habits.


Prevents the Spread of Infection

Endodontic therapy cleanses the pulp, but it also has the added benefit of minimizing the risk of infection spreading to other teeth.

Our specialized team of endodontists at River Valley Smile Center will provide you with the best treatment for your teeth as we use highly advanced equipment.


Cost-effective and Efficient

A tooth extraction may cost you hundreds of dollars and require a couple of visits to the clinic. A root canal will serve the same purpose in one visit to our clinic while also retaining your natural tooth.

It is also cost-effective as it will not require any follow-up visits and will save you expensive treatments.


Boosts Your Oral Health

Suppose the decayed tooth is not treated correctly. In that case, it may lead to an abscess of the tooth or infection in the nerves.  This can give rise to complicated cardiac issues, dementia and respiratory disorders.

A root canal at River Valley Smile Center will ensure you get the best treatment under our supervision.

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