Benefits of Breast Feeding on Oral Health

Benefits of Breast Feeding on Oral Health

The benefits of breastfeeding are not alien to anyone. Almost every adult on this planet knows how beneficial breastfeeding your own child can be after childbirth. Not only do the advantages remain for the baby, but they also extend to a great degree to the mother.

For a new mother, recovery after childbirth can be extremely painful. However, God has a beautiful mechanism for making things easier for his people. One of them is the process of breastfeeding, through which mothers are enabled to bond regularly with their children and provide them with all the required essential minerals. Not only that, but breastfeeding also shrinks the mother’s uterus back to its original position after it has been dilated to a great extent. Moreover, breastfeeding is also helpful in significantly decreasing the chances of the mother developing uterine cancer in the future compared to moms who do not breastfeed their children. 

How is Breastfeeding Good for the Oral Health of the Child?

Tooth Decay

Because babies have limited exposure to the mother’s milk, they do not suck it continuously. On the contrary, children who are fed through formula milk or cow milk are allowed to suck the feeder bottle for a long time, often while they are sleeping, and no more milk is left in the bottle. This leads to baby bottle tooth decay, mainly on the teeth in the front upper row. This tooth decay can give so much discomfort to the child that it can not be possibly imagined. 

Provides Essential Minerals

One of the most important benefits of breastfeeding children is that they are naturally provided with all the necessary minerals, vitamins, fights, and carbohydrates. Because breast milk is produced in the body, there can be no other safe and healthy milk for the child in its primitive years of development. This is why breast milk is considered best for the child, especially in the first six months of their life. This milk is also the easiest to be digested in the newborn’s body compared to cow milk or any other formula milk. As a result of the smooth digestion of the mother’s milk inside the baby’s body, the first intestinal goo of the child is also passed on smoothly. 

As for the oral health of the child, breastfeeding milk serves as the best foundation for healthy and strong tooth growth. Natural milk is great for the bone development of the child as well.

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