Chipped Teeth Restoration

Restorative Options for Chipped Teeth When teeth become chipped, they can affect both our appearance and our bite. To overcome this dental dilemma, the extent of the damage needs to be examined and assessed. The right treatment option will depend on several criteria, including the reason for the sip, the size of the chip, and the condition of the rest of the tooth. The options below will help you decide on the best course of therapy to take to restore chipped teeth. Tooth-colored Fillings In the past, silver amalgam was used to repair chips. However, this option is not aesthetically pleasing. To ensure the chip is fixed and appears natural, dental fillings using a tooth-colored composite resin are normally placed. The fillings are resilient as amalgam and look more pleasing to the eye when you restore chipped teeth.. Onlays and Inlays If a chip is too big to accept a tooth-colored filling, an inlay or onlay may be used instead. The restoraton, which is made of porcelain, preserves the tooth structure and lasts a long

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