The Benefits of Gargling with Saltwater

Saltwater gargles really are effective – even if you did hear about it from your grandma first. Grandma might not have known about the science that backs it up, but there is indeed scientific proof that the saltwater gargle is effective. Using saltwater creates a sort of osmosis effect and the salt concentration draws fluids from your mouth that are painful, and it also helps to relieve a painful infection. The saltwater breaks up mucus and irritants and all sorts of fungi from the throat. However, it is recommended that you only gargle no more than two or three times a day, as too much gargling is not good either. Balance is the key. What are the Benefits of Gargling with Saltwater? Soothe Inflammation and Infection: Saltwater gargles alleviate a multitude of problems, the first of which is a sore throat and throat irritation. The gargle is especially helpful with throat inflammation caused by seasonal allergies, colds, and sinus infections. However, this simple remedy can help prevent an infection from incurring twice. Decrease of Harmful

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