How to Teach a Young Child to Floss on Their Own

Teaching children how to floss properly is something that every parent has to take seriously. This skill will become an important part of their daily oral health care routine. They must also understand just how beneficial it is to their oral health, mouth, and gums to floss at least once a day, after they brush. Here Are Some Tips for Helping Children Learn to Floss Kindergarten through 3rd Grade, your children should be beginning to brush on their own but will still need help with the process of flossing until the age of 8 or 9. Since most children learn better through observation than through conversation, it is a good idea to have them watch you floss.  It is important to watch you to see how you grip and use the floss.  When you feel it is time, the best way to start is to schedule a visit with us here at the office with the dentist.  This way our hygienist can help guide and instruct your child on the correct methods of flossing. It

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