Grinding Your Teeth at Night?

You may grind your teeth at night and not even know it. Unless your partner complains of the noise you make, you may not know until you come in for a dental exam. At River Valley Smile Center, we want you to be able to recognize the signs of teeth grinding so you can get help right away. If you notice any of the signs below, it’s important to get in for an appointment right away as teeth grinding can be detrimental to your oral health. Painful and Tired Jaws If you wake up often with sore or tired jaws, you may grind your teeth. Grinding your teeth causes your jaw muscles to tire quickly. If you do it often enough or hard enough, it could also cause tenderness in your jaw muscles that you feel long after you get out of bed. You may find that the pain increases as the day goes on too. Headaches or Earaches If you aren’t the type of person that gets headaches often, but find yourself with one

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